Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Umbrellas in the Rain

I like umbrellas. They are just what you need when you need shelter. ExCS UK is just such an umbrella, if you like! It exists for all genuine former Christian Scientists and for those who may still have relations in it. There was no shelter for me in UK nearly forty years ago and I would hate to feel anyone would have to endure the isolation of leaving Christian Science, as I did.

ExCS UK seeks to shelter those mentioned above - regardless of religious beliefs, location in the world etc. We do not proselytise but we gather strength and encouragement from others who can understand the unique situations which a history of Christian Science may pose. Believe you me, some of the situations we have heard over the years, could not be made up! The distress of some contacts is also so saddening.  This is why we opened an umbrella. No doubt, it has its failings. It has also witnessed Christian Scientists trying to score points but during the years, we have joined together and are the better for taking shelter!

Why UK in the title? Because it was founded here and we wanted to make any European contacts feel less far away from USA and to make it easier for them to join us in our meetings. We also have American friends - some of whom supported me when I most needed it - and others, worldwide.

 Also, at the time of beginning this journey out of CS there did not seem to be too much shelter for those who were not of Christian persuasion. I believe people need support, primarily, not the promotion of different faiths.

We are a strictly non religious group and we enjoy our diversity! Please feel free to join us and to share with us!


Anonymous said...

Thank you. Even though I haven't set foot in a church in years, I am still a recovering Christian Scientist. I have tried for many years to find a therapist capable of helping me process and understand the damage that I endured being raised from birth as a Christian Scientist with a CS practitioner for a grandfather and never found anyone to be very helpful in dealing with this. I fell and broke a bone for the first time in my life five years ago and it took me this long to realize how much of my behavior since those injuries has been from my subconscious programming and confusion. A couple of years ago I went online and ordered several of the books on your suggested reading list but for some reason I could not read them. They sat on my desk in front of me for two years. Then finally after I moved recently to a new place I started to read them hoping they would overcome the subconscious remnants and confused ideas that lingered there. I had no idea what a cult CS truly is until I read them. I had no idea. Last night I felt compelled to watch the new documentary expose on Scientology, Going Clear. I am processing a lot of emotion, realizing just how extreme the neglect and damage has been to me and my family, my aunts, uncles, and cousins. Not one of us is still involved in the Christian Science Church since my grandparents passed away. I was looking for some connection to others who might know what I am going through and just how difficult it can be to unravel the repetition since being a toddler matter is error... so much confusion. Feeling greif and sorrow right now. Thanks for the place to land and share.

ExCS said...

Thank you for your comments above. Please email me privately at ex_cs2001@yahoo.com and I can hopefully answer your questions more fully! Please keep in touch!