Saturday, 4 December 2010

Does the Law Protect Us?

I believe the answer has to be "no" within the context of Christian Science. As a child, within CS, I used to hear comments to the effect that, of course, medical aid would be sought, if we were under the age of 16 and the healing was not "apparent". So that was all right then! Every child was and is protected within the law!

But, ask yourself....What about the child of a CS parent with no sense of emergency or medical knowledge, the child who is never registered with a doctor and who may also be home-schooled or the child who is denied immunisation?

The law offered me no protection. By-standers (family who visited) did nothing. School teachers did nothing when I was really ill. They told me to stay at home. "Home" sent me to school because, in reality, there was nothing wrong with me and so I should prove CS works. They all knew the law! Even years ago, people were too scared to speak up for fear of offending someone. A child's needs should never be abandoned.

Your experience? (USA and UK input would be good!)

Friday, 3 December 2010

Winter thoughts

I believe the thought "world" of Christian Science remains in our minds to some extent, despite leaving it...especially if one was brought up from early years in CS.... Christian Scientists may rejoice at this but to those of us who would like to be free of that way of thinking, it may be troubling, alienating and depressing.
I wonder if anyone would like to share how CS ways of thinking have remained with them, despite their having physically "left" it. For example, does listening to the news (especially about accidents and distress in the ice and snow) automatically remind you of the days of "correcting your thinking" when an ambulance could be heard or when feeling/having a cold?!

Could the uncontrollable desires from the past, of being alone and silent to do your "mental work," be something which is preventing you from looking outwards and joining others in a similar situation?

Despite having left Christian Science, it is not incorrect to debate it, criticise it or explore its effects! Any thoughts? Expressing them is good; making them known will not harm you but strengthen you!