Sunday, 6 October 2013

Winter Reading?

There are quite a few books written by former Christian Scientists which must help and validate a reader who may be in the process of extricating himself from Christian Science. "The 'Crime' of Dorothy Sheridan" by Leo Damore approaches the dilemma of medicine v faith healing, parental rights etc from a different angle.
It is a true story, features the Christian Science church and describes the courtroom drama as the facts unfold, concerning the death of Dorothy Sheridan's young daughter.

As I look back on my childhood life in Christian Science I know that I am indeed fortunate to be sitting here, on a sunny morning, enjoying my life. Being a member of the Christian Science church and having a mother who radically relied on CS meant that, as my childhood years developed, my mother had absolutely no idea of when sickness became an emergency and requiring action. We had no doctor, nobody to advise us and were surrounded by Christian Scientists from whom permission had to be extracted, to even visit a dentist when in pain!!! 

A Christian Scientist may suggest that it proves Christian Science "works" because I never became life-threateningly ill. Cold comfort for all former members who watched suffering and deaths of relations and endured needless pain of their own! Shocking, that the law (UK) did not and does not protect children because of the beliefs of their parents. When does a health crisis become same? Or, is CS radical reliance - Mrs Eddy's requisite for healing -  swept under the radar as being a thing of the past?? Is Christian Science wearing new clothes in the twenty-first century?

So many questions!  Serious reading.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Bargain books!

We have several copies of "The Religion that Kills - Christian Science: Abuse, Neglect and Mind Control" by Dr Linda S Kramer  Sale price £4.75 (includes postage within UK) Please e-mail me at   if you are interested!

This is written by a former Christian Scientist who introduces the reader to the world of Christian Science thinking and also discusses "mind control".

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A Christian Science childhood

I also recall breaking my arm when I was very young. I regained consciousness after my fall to see my parents' heads leaning over me and to hear them both bitterly arguing as to whether I should be taken to the hospital (my father's wish) or whether to call a Christian Science practitioner (my mother's wish). I was in a lot of pain and couldn't stop crying. Overnight, the pain was unbearable and I was still crying the next morning....  I shall post more on this saga, later.

 I can commiserate with Ben's memories over his brother's broken arm.

As a young child, we studied Christian Science for at least an hour, sometimes two hours, every morning. It was miserable for me, as I could hear all my friends playing outside. They had given up knocking on the door and asking me to join them! It all served to effect an isolationism from people around us.

Does anyone else recall a childhood in Christian Science?

Ben's Story

The main belief of the group I grew up in (Christian Science) was that we should not use doctors or medicine in order to maintain our health. As a child, this became a frightening situation to be in, as I gradually realised the danger this presented to my health.

My father left the group when I was six. Shortly afterwards, when my brother broke his arm, my mother initially refused to take him to a doctor. My brother cried while my parents argued over the action to take. My brother was treated the following day, when his tears did not stop. My parents' difference of opinion was a continuing source of conflict for many years, that almost led to divorce.

Apart from a very painful and persistent bout of earache that went untreated, I was fortunate enough not to suffer any major illnesses that might have put my life at risk. Our family was, however, isolated by the extreme nature of our beliefs, and by the absolute denial of illness which the group expected from us.

Membership involved Bible study and the study of the group's own texts (Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy). We were expected to study for more than an hour each day. Occasionally, I heard conversations that alluded to the deaths of people in the group who were sometimes younger people or children.There was a constant feeling that I was not properly protected.

As a teenager, I refused to attend the group, which led to enormous conflict with my mother, for many years. My mother eventually died in hospital, after initially refusing medical treatment for a heart condition. It has been very disturbing to realise, as an adult, that my childhood medical neglect was an abuse of parental power.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Interesting Reading

Some more titles for your library:

Christian Science        Women, Healing, and the Church   by Deidre Michell

A Collision of Truths  A Life in Conflict with a Cherished Faith   by Robert Y. Ellis

Fathermothergod   My Journey out of Christian Science    by Lucia Greenhouse

For the Love of God      Lawrence w Gold, M.D.

Breaking Their Will    Shedding Light on Religious Child Maltreatment     by Janet Heimlich

When Prayer Fails    Faith Healing, Children, and the Law

We will try to write some book reviews soon!  Check out the books already listed on this blog!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

At Last!

There is some help, based in London, for people who are or were in cults or high demand groups. Free Minds UK is concerned with cult recovery and awareness and is an education/support group.
Please email me for more details, if you are interested.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Winter Questions

Cold winds outside, so it is time to pose some long overdue thoughts and questions, while sitting indoors, hopefully for some kind of debate.
Firstly, how do former Christian Scientists cope with sudden admission to hospital? Fortunately, I have only twice experienced hospital. But it's all that comes with it. It's the after-care of self injecting against clotting, for example. Am I the only one to still be plagued with that deeply ingrained thought that "it must be my fault" as I cannot have done enough "mental work". Why do I still deny myself any kind of pain relief and reduce the nurses to having to beg me to "just accept a little, to help"? How do I amaze the nurses at my ability to inject myself? I know it's because I somehow "switch" into a trance-like mental state - for want of a better description. Other doctors have noticed it in me and commented. How may hospital be survived? So much observation made on me as a real, material person!

Secondly, is it vital to be a "whistle-blower" in society? Is it a "legal duty" much like CHILD and children's health care in USA? Is it curiously "British" to avoid whistle-blowing?!

And thirdly, should religious groups be allowed charitable staus? How may one define a religious group's benefit to society?

These last two questions were posed on "The Big Questions" on BBC1 this morning. Maybe you can watch a replay.
Some questions, when considered within the context of former Christian Scientists and their stance on the Christian Science issue, are vital if one is to understand the effects its teaching may have - especially on those who are second or third generation CS.

Does anyone have similar experience or thoughts?