Sunday, 6 October 2013

Winter Reading?

There are quite a few books written by former Christian Scientists which must help and validate a reader who may be in the process of extricating himself from Christian Science. "The 'Crime' of Dorothy Sheridan" by Leo Damore approaches the dilemma of medicine v faith healing, parental rights etc from a different angle.
It is a true story, features the Christian Science church and describes the courtroom drama as the facts unfold, concerning the death of Dorothy Sheridan's young daughter.

As I look back on my childhood life in Christian Science I know that I am indeed fortunate to be sitting here, on a sunny morning, enjoying my life. Being a member of the Christian Science church and having a mother who radically relied on CS meant that, as my childhood years developed, my mother had absolutely no idea of when sickness became an emergency and requiring action. We had no doctor, nobody to advise us and were surrounded by Christian Scientists from whom permission had to be extracted, to even visit a dentist when in pain!!! 

A Christian Scientist may suggest that it proves Christian Science "works" because I never became life-threateningly ill. Cold comfort for all former members who watched suffering and deaths of relations and endured needless pain of their own! Shocking, that the law (UK) did not and does not protect children because of the beliefs of their parents. When does a health crisis become same? Or, is CS radical reliance - Mrs Eddy's requisite for healing -  swept under the radar as being a thing of the past?? Is Christian Science wearing new clothes in the twenty-first century?

So many questions!  Serious reading.

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