Sunday, 24 February 2013

Winter Questions

Cold winds outside, so it is time to pose some long overdue thoughts and questions, while sitting indoors, hopefully for some kind of debate.
Firstly, how do former Christian Scientists cope with sudden admission to hospital? Fortunately, I have only twice experienced hospital. But it's all that comes with it. It's the after-care of self injecting against clotting, for example. Am I the only one to still be plagued with that deeply ingrained thought that "it must be my fault" as I cannot have done enough "mental work". Why do I still deny myself any kind of pain relief and reduce the nurses to having to beg me to "just accept a little, to help"? How do I amaze the nurses at my ability to inject myself? I know it's because I somehow "switch" into a trance-like mental state - for want of a better description. Other doctors have noticed it in me and commented. How may hospital be survived? So much observation made on me as a real, material person!

Secondly, is it vital to be a "whistle-blower" in society? Is it a "legal duty" much like CHILD and children's health care in USA? Is it curiously "British" to avoid whistle-blowing?!

And thirdly, should religious groups be allowed charitable staus? How may one define a religious group's benefit to society?

These last two questions were posed on "The Big Questions" on BBC1 this morning. Maybe you can watch a replay.
Some questions, when considered within the context of former Christian Scientists and their stance on the Christian Science issue, are vital if one is to understand the effects its teaching may have - especially on those who are second or third generation CS.

Does anyone have similar experience or thoughts?

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