Sunday, 13 January 2019

January Reading...….   "The Chameleon Complex" by Timothy M. Tays. PhD

There are quite a few books written by former Christian Scientists - some of which are listed on this blog - and I think this is one of the later ones to arrive. It is definitely one to re-read as there is a lot to absorb!

The author is a clinical psychologist and approaches the subject of Christian Science and its impact on his life, with sensitivity. Being a child brought up in Christian Science inevitably makes that child live in conflict between what he or she sees around him and that which Christian Science teaches. The author delves into this with honesty and shows why the title is so apt.

If anyone has read it, please post your opinions. In the author's words, "I hope my journey will strike a chord in you, and you will find authenticity, connection, greater self actualization, and meaning in your life." I think the quest for connection, in particular, is a perpetual journey for former Christian Scientists and this book definitely helps the reader, by grasping the implications of the chameleon complex.

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