Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Individual Paths?

A comment was recently posted but was rather lost in time, as it was in response to a previous message I thought it should be brought forward. It reads, "One cannot judge Christian Science by the way someone else is trying to demonstrate it. God's way is a very individual path. It is always between you and God and God and you."  So there we have it. It feels like the chilly winds of coldness and lack of compassion are still blowing. It's so detached - abdicating all responsibility and love and hiding under the umbrella of individuality!
I speak as I find. And, ten years since my mother's agonising death, I still remember that she was not alone. Many people believed CS to be the only way to achieve healing...many adults died prematurely because of their belief in it. As for the babies and children who have suffered and died....never forget them. If that's God's way....

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